This is an integral element of out Chamber. We have been very successful in assisting members and delegates to make important links and we facilitate necessary meetings between interested businesses. Our Business Matching service is the platform to create and nurture vital cross-country commercial relationships.

Small-medium businesses are the backbone of every economy. We believe that every business needs to develop a global perspective, as raw materials, finished products and assorted traded services are highly mobile.

Covid has brought a total review of Work and Industrial practice. Working from home has become a norm on a scale not previously imagined possible.

This will present huge opportunities for those that rapidly adapt to take advantage of these new norms. Companies that feel they have a high growth potential ought to engage in a process of exploration.

What we do


  • Develop new supply chains from raw materials to FMCG in the EMEA market
  • Develop a partnership with a view to a joint venture, a low risk high potential arrangement
  • Direct investment in an existing business
  • Purchase a business or property
  • Appoint a sales agent/s

To achieve our goals, we work with our Associates and with Italian and local businesses, as well as with all public and private entities that act in an organized way to support the internationalisation of companies, in particular: Regions, Chambers of Commerce , Trade associations, Fairs, Consortia, Cooperatives, Business networks, Industrial districts, Banks, Economic departments and territorial development, international organizations.

Point of reference and as a subject strongly rooted in the territory able to offer suitable answers above all to that reality widely represented in the economic fabric of the two countries.

Promote, safeguard and defend together with the local authorities the interests of the associated entrepreneurial companies present on both territories of the contracting countries.

Give concrete answers to the operators and institutions that need information on the economic situation and on the opportunities offered in the most attractive sectors of the Irish / Italian economy and it also materializes in a constant work of raising awareness among the local and national authorities of the two countries about the needs of the business world.

The IICC’s commitment is constantly aimed at positively addressing the development trajectories to lead to the growth of the Italian-Irish economic system.

Do You Face Challenges in Connecting with Companies in Italy / Ireland ?

  • Are you struggling to identify the right customer or partner in your target market?
  • Do you fail to get any responses when you contact companies directly?
  • Are you wasting time with endless back-and-forth emails to schedule a meeting itinerary?


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