We are a non-profit Irish association established at the Companies Registration Office in Dublin. Our aim is to foster, safeguard, develop, skills, commercial, industrial and financial relations between the two countries. (Italy and Ireland). We work with the Italian Embassy in Ireland to develop synergies in support of “Made in Italy” and with the Institutions that recognise us as a leading contact person for all activities related to Italy. In fact, the Chamber offers a wide range of promotion, assistance and consultancy services to its members.

Our Mission

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Ireland is a free elective association of Irish, Italian and other national economic operators, whose purpose is the development and protection of economic interchange between Ireland and Italy. Encourage the development of relations and commercial and economic exchanges between Italy and Ireland, but also to foster technical and economic collaboration between entrepreneurs and professionals in the two countries. Give concrete answers to the operators and institutions that need information on the economic situation and on the opportunities offered in the most attractive sectors of the Irish / Italian economy and it also materializes in a constant work of raising awareness among the local and national authorities of the two countries about the needs of the business world. The IICC’s commitment is constantly aimed at positively addressing the development trajectories to lead to the growth of the Italian-Irish economic system. Furthermore, the IICC, being aware and strongly convinced that the culture of the two countries has a fundamental role in the collective and individual development of the communities, constantly collaborates with numerous social and cultural initiatives coming from Italy or Ireland.

Our Vision

To achieve its mission the Chamber of Commerce deals with:
  • Point of reference and as a subject strongly rooted in the territory able to offer suitable answers above all to that reality widely represented in the economic fabric of the two countries.
  • Facilitator able to stimulate the propensity for innovation, but also the development of the ability to innovate in a collaborative way by promoting cooperation between companies.
  • Promoter of the “desire to do business” especially among young people and women.
  • “Accelerator” of the dynamics of economic development and competitiveness.
  • Facilitate mutual knowledge of the various Italian and Irish products in order to promote their introduction into the respective market.
  • Improve contacts with the Authorities, Chambers of Commerce, Bodies and economic associations for anything that may affect the interchange between Italy and Ireland.
  • Offer the highest possible level of assistance to those who decide to travel to one of the two countries on business.
  • Carry out any other action useful for achieving your goals.
  • Promote, safeguard and defend together with the local authorities the interests of the associated entrepreneurial companies present on both territories of the contracting countries.

How we operate

To achieve our goals, we work with our Associates and with Italian and local businesses, as well as with all public and private entities that act in an organized way to support the internationalization of companies, in particular: Regions, Chambers of Commerce , Trade associations, Fairs, Consortia, Cooperatives, Business networks, Industrial districts, Banks, Economic departments and territorial development, international organizations.

Our Objectives

Assisting businesses through free and paid services, ranging from information on the first market orientation to specific support for the positioning and consolidation strategies of Italian companies on the foreign market, as well as local ones that want to collaborate with Italian SMEs.
Implementing events and match-making activities to give companies the opportunity to meet foreign counterparts to present proposals for productive, technological and commercial collaboration.
Provide skills on how to operate in the country, including through targeted training interventions.