Here at Azimut, we have always strived to satisfy our customers to the full, offering investment solutions that best meet their needs. This has been possible thanks to the excellence achieved by Azimut consultants in various sectors of finance.

Our international network spans the world, with Azimut present in Italy, Luxembourg, Ireland, China (Hong Kong and Shanghai), Monaco, Switzerland, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, Taiwan, Chile, USA, Australia, Egypt, Turkey and United Arab Emirates. The efficiency of our services is underpinned by several Group companies, including three asset management companies and an insurance undertaking.

Asset Management: Azimut Investments SA, which manages our Luxembourg umbrella fund; Azimut Capital Management Sgr, which manages Italian funds, Italian funds of funds, the Azimut pension fund, and Italian hedge funds; Futurimpresa Sgr, specialised in private equity.

Azimut Life Dac is a specialist insurance company registered in Ireland.