Clarke Jeffers are Solicitors in Dublin and Carlow and what we do we excel at. We don’t try to be a jack of all trades and we don’t pretend to be specialists in everything. Most importantly however we strive every day to be more modern. Our aim is to redefine the Law Firm. We want to be fast, commercial and practical. We use cutting edge technology and case management systems and are proud of the fact that we were brave enough to leave the traditional Solicitors model to concentrate on and refine our specialist areas. We believe that if you are going to bring real edge to clients then attention needs to be focused. We do more than just believe this, we practice it.

The world is changing in a rapid way. We aim, not to just keep up but to surpass. We operate based on strategy and deep industry experience. We combine this with a modern approach and a “can do” attitude.

We know what we do and we know what we don’t. We don’t do debt collection, repossessions, receivership or basically take any instructions from Banks. Come on. Give us some credit!