At Ferrero Foodservice, we’re passionate about offering brands and products that help you create a high quality taste experience and meet your needs in the foodservice market. Whether you’re a café, restaurant, pub, hotel or distributor, we have the food and hot drink solutions that will support you and your business.

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For over fifty years, we’ve built a legion of Nutella® fans all over the world. Nutella’s unique hazelnut taste and versatility means it will add that tasty touch to your breakfast menu and a money maker for foodservice operators. The catering range includes a 15g portion pack, premium 25g jar, 1.35kg tub, 3kg tub for high volume users, as well as the 1kg Piping Bag – simply snip and pipe to add the finishing touch to your pastry and bakery items.

Thorntons Luxury Hot Chocolate
With 100 years of chocolate making expertise, Thorntons Luxury Hot Chocolate is exclusive to the out-of-home market. Available in a flake or powder format, Thorntons is a deliciously luxurious hot chocolate for foodservice. Ideal for anyone who’s serious about hot drink profits, our Thorntons range is perfect for cafes, restaurants, pubs, in-room services, on-board facilities and vending machines.

Ferrero Rocher
The iconic Ferrero Rocher has delicious layers of crispy wafer and hazelnut, covered in milk chocolate and dressed in gold. Our Ferrero Rocher T2 product is perfect for sharing and creating those golden moments. It’s the perfect complimentary gift for in-room and alongside hot drinks.

tic tac Pillow Pack
In foodservice, we know it’s the little things you do for your customers that make a big difference and drive repeat business! The Fresh Mint flavoured tic tac® Pillow Pack (four mints per pack) is the safe and hygienic complimentary mint for your meeting rooms, reception areas, tray sets, snack boxes, in-room or with a bill/cheque.

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